Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cafe Melba Review

I went to Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre recently with the dogs and here's my experience.

Cafe Melba was quite nice. It was nearly empty and there was an indoor air-conditioned segment and a wide open patio with lots of seats and looking out into a big grassy field. I was having quite a nice time and the dogs were walking around freely, exploring the field and the tables. Two of the staff were also pretty nice, providing water for the dogs and stopping by to pet them.

A few expat mums wandered in with their kids and decided to sit outdoors at two different tables. At first I was wary because I didn't know how they would react to the dogs. But then I realised that they loved dogs. Their kids asked whether they could pet the dogs and the mum also commented that my dogs were "lovely". 

Actually I was quite surprised that they suddenly just wandered in on a weekday afternoon and they seem so comfortable and familiar with the place. Then I realised that some of the kids were in uniform (Eton Schoolhouse)  and there were probably some childcare/enrichment centre nearby so the mums were merely picking up their kids and coming to Cafe Melba for tea.

One mother sitting next to me confirmed it when I asked her. I think she deliberately sat next to me because her daughter (who looks about 3) was so fascinated with Zeus and Honey. She was really sweet and kept complimenting the dogs too.

Anyway Cafe Melba is typically crowded on weekends (so I read) and that's why I chose to go on a weekday. But I guess the whole mood was spoilt when this newly arrived sulky face waitress came over to me and said that I must do something with the dogs.

I looked at her, really annoyed, and asked what does she mean. 

"You know what," she answered.

"No I don't," I retorted.

She gestured at the leash and said "Chain them up".

I glared at her and said, "you mean leash?" (I can't believe she doesn't even know the proper word to use.)

Anyway she didn't say a thing, and I was really disgusted and annoyed with her because the place was practically empty and  no one really seemed to mind. Plus, I read Cafe Melba was a dog friendly place. True, she was Muslim and maybe it affected her, but she could always work indoors, or just don't bloody work at a dog friendly place. What the hell was she thinking?

And I hated the fact that she twisted the rules just to suit herself. 

I was nearly finished anyway and shortly after, I just asked for the bill and left. 

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